Beauty &soul as a Way of Life

We believe beauty is a healing quality that is underutilized in today’s world. What a woman wears affects how she feels and how a woman feels can change the world.

The people
making TARA Paris


We believe not all clothes are created (or intended) equally.

TARA Paris clothing is made from the finest fabrics by artisans in Italy. The line is made with love by Italians who are masters of their craft.

Each piece is hand finished. We do not cut corners by creating massive quantities. The people making TARA Paris care. We produce small runs so we can ensure the quality.

Timeless Styles

Every piece in our unique "Restoration Through Beauty" collection can be worn Day and Night! The chic designs provide a quick solution for your morning wardrobe choice.

Whether you have a busy work day ahead of you… A day filled with errands.. Or you’re just looking for a stylish look to show up for your coffee date in. Add heels and a choker and you're off to an intimate dinner with your beau.

Now you have the flexibility to wear each piece in their collection to bed! The TARA Paris "Restoration through Beauty" collection can be worn as sleepwear as well.


The fabrics are soft and adorn you in your nighttime journey. We encourage all women to wear something beautiful to bed. Always. No more oversized t-shirts with holes in them. How you treat yourself in the bedroom when no one is looking affects your confidence throughout the day. So making what you wear to bed a priority will have positive effects in your life.

TARA Paris gives you versatility in your life. Buy 1 piece and now you have multiple ways and times to wear it throughout your day. This supports our core value to minimize waste in our lives.

You have the freedom to be beautiful at all hours and for all occasions with our line. TARA Paris truly blurs the lines of fashion norms.


We offer something unique that no other high-end fashion line offers its clients.

Each piece we create holds a powerful message for the woman who wears TARA Paris…

“I am beauty” has been sewn into the inside of our clothing to serve as a discreet reminder for you.

You are beautiful. And we don’t ever want you to forget it. So our intention has been physically inserted into the clothing line. It’s tangible.

You are Beautiful. TARA Paris is here to ensure you remember it!


At the tender age of 25, Tara lost her first-born son to pneumonia. It was through this experience that she recognized the value of life and vowed to go for every one of her dreams sooner rather than waiting for "someday". She learned that every moment is precious and in order to live a full life one must “make the most of every moment”.

With a diverse background and multiple degrees in international business, French and a Masters in spiritual psychology, Tara began her journey of impact. Her first business, Elegant Femme, focuses on the internal growth of a woman. Assisting the modern woman to live and enjoy her full potential through her signature online program “Live You Fully”…

TARA Paris was constructed on those same values and focuses on the external aspects of a woman. This lifestyle brand is based on quality and bringing forward beauty through enjoying precious moments.

Every TARA Paris item has been created with intention and consciousness. As a young girl, Tara hated waste and still stands behind this principle today. For her, there is nothing more painful than waste, whether it be clothes or one's own full potential. Tara believes everything has a purpose and meaning…

Her Story...

Tara, founder of TARA Paris, grew up in a rural town of Julian, California. At a young age, she dreamed of fashion, beauty and traveling the world. This American-raised entrepreneur was a full-fledged Francophile and adored the simple yet potent influences of European design and taste.

Her affinity for timeless, elegant looks and living a lifestyle of meaning and quality led her to Paris. It was here she launched her first collection "I am Beauty", dedicated to showing women everywhere that beauty is ageless, timeless and above, all a necessity. According to Tara, “Beauty can heal the world.”

The intention behind TARA Paris is to gift every woman the opportunity to experience the beauty of life, not as a luxury, but as a necessity.


Bienvenue à TARA Paris…we are honored to have you here.