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  • The Perfect Cardigan Sweater
  • TheTravel Companion
  • Made with love in Italy from the highest quality Merino wool.

The Travel companion offers the perfect mix of style and comfort. It was specifically designed for the woman on the go who needs a reliable yet chic wrap sweater.

At Tara Paris we pride ourselves in offering versatile clothing that’s not only practical… but it enhances your look. Our intention is the travel companion becomes a piece you wear 50+ times over the next year. It’s that comfortable! And it’s easy to grab on the go.

It was initially designed for the travelling woman. Perfect to wear when flying or on long car rides. But something amazing happened after it was developed.

We noticed the Tara Paris woman was wearing the chic cardigan everywhere she went. Not only was it becoming a staple for trips to the coffee shop or running errands around town. It became the cozy companion to keep her warm while spending time in her home.

Because of the quality craftsmanship of our Italian factories and the timeless design of the Travel Companion you’ll find this will become one of your “Staple Pieces” in your closet!

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