Why you should focus on adding QUALITY “Loveable” pieces of clothing to your closet…

You look into your closet and think to yourself: “I wish I had something nice to wear today, something that makes me feel beautiful.” or “I want to feel confident and know I look good”.

This inner dialogue happens on a regular basis for us as women.

Whether you are headed out on a date night. Or going to deliver an important proposal at work. Or if you’re on a coffee run with a girlfriend.

The issue, when you dig deep, is not a quantity issue. You have lots of clothes.

What’s needed when you gaze into your closet are QUALITY pieces that are versatile.

And this is where most closets (and wardrobes) fall short.

There’s a smattering of lower end “trendy” clothes from high street fashion brands that looked good the first 2-3 times you wore them.

But now the style is off. The color has faded. And the stitching is coming undone.

And there is nothing wrong with “trendy” pieces from these inexpensive mega brands… They certainly have their time and place in your rotation.

What’s needed to balance out the cheap stuff are some…QUALITY “Loveables”.

Loveables are clothes (and things) you adore.

They are like your best friend. They make you feel confident and beautiful and are always there for you. Whether it be small moments like going on a coffee run with your girlfriends or life-changing career presentations, your Lovables are there for you helping you look and feel your best.

They are the things you want in your life. They make you feel happy. They come to mind when you scan the mental catalog of your closet. They mean something to you.

They are timeless. They are versatile and help you look and feel good in most of your day-to-day life activities. They make the mundane everyday life just a little bit special.

You can wear these “Loveables” when you pick up the kids from school, grab a latte with a friend, or meet-up with friends after work for a glass of wine.

What makes something “Loveable?”

Let’s break down the attributes of a Quality “Loveable” Clothing.​


In order to qualify as Loveable piece of clothing it has to last. For it to last it needs to be made in a high-end factory.

Look for things made outside of China. Sorry China.

There certainly can be exceptions but over all the clothing made in china tends to be made in very large batches with less attention to detail.

When possible look for European made (US made is great as well).

At Tara Paris we have our clothing made in Italy in small factories that treat their people right. They are not sweatshops. They treat their employees ethically and the clothes are made in small quantities to test for quality assurance.

In fact the companies we work with are family owned. And to boot they actually hand-finish each piece of clothing! That gives a high attention to detail to each piece so they are made well and last.

And when clothing is made well it will LAST for years and years.

The cheap stuff (and even some of the expensive stuff) that’s made in sweatshops won’t hold up. The stitching comes undone. The color fades. They fall apart.

So when you are choosing some new Loveables to add to your closet make sure they are well-made and preferably in Europe or the USA. Bonus points if it’s Made In Italy or France;)




You’re going to want to love your clothes… now and in the future. Loveable clothing doesn’t go out of style. They are Timeless.

How can you ensure a piece of clothing will not go out of style?

Clothing that has a classic appeal is linear. They have clean lines.

The key to looking polished is good tailoring. Go for a tailored fit. Stay away from anything that’s too baggy.

Some dresses and sweaters will have some room in them to maximize comfort. This is good. However overly baggy clothing looks cheap and doesn’t stay in style.

So stick with a more European fit when possible.

Be careful of prints and patterns. Patterns can be beautiful. But they can also make your ensemble look dated.

Solid colors are timeless. If you are inclined to wearing prints, take a cue from the French and choose stripes, polka dots. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, liven up any outfit by incorporating animal print.


In order to be a loveable you have to be able to wear it in multiple ways.

Can that dress you purchased be matched with a pair of flats when you go for a coffee? Then later in the evening can you change into a pair of high heels and add a choker?

The key to versatility is to have a stylish piece of clothing that can be worn on multiple occasions while looking unique and beautiful every time.

At Tara Paris we pride ourselves on offering the most versatile clothing available for women.

Our “dresses” can be worn to a party… To work… And dropping off the kids in the morning.

OR they can be worn to bed as a nightgown. Either way you will feel beautiful, stylish and comfortable…

They are that versatile!

So when you are looking for a new Loveable to add to your closet make sure it’s a versatile piece.

  • Loveables are things you Adore
  • Loveables are well-made and will last for years
  • Loveables have Timeless Style
  • Loveables are versatile and support you pulling of multiple styles with one piece.

We’d love to share two of our favorite “loveables” from the Tara Paris collection. 

The Frenchie Dress is sure to have you sparkle when entering a room. And the Diamond T is such a beauty. It’s a super soft T-shirt with a unique and timeless design.