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the Clothes

More than clothes, Tara Paris encapsulates the absolute truth of a woman, highlighting her polished confidence and today's versatile lifestyle. Tara Paris is focused on three different aspects of the woman’s being: the Indie, the Frenchie and the New Yorker. Three ways of life profoundly rooted in a culture of self and genuine being, and an awakening to the fullness of life. “When these three ways resonate fully within ourselves, we are empowered in the subtle harmonies of womanhood,” says founder Tara Marino.

Beyond the pretext of a wardrobe, Tara Paris becomes the intimate companion that women of taste turn to, comforted in the purposeful, luxurious pampering experience that each Bijou brings.

Tara Paris is the ideal companion for a luxurious lifestyle, fusing loungewear and lingerie with the exacting standards of today's fashion connoisseur, a discerning woman that demands utmost luxury in all her endeavors. The brand stands for high standards, elegance and thoughtful consumption. With a leaning towards utmost taste, the pieces designed and exclusively created for Tara Paris using exceptional materials – cashmere, tactile silks and delicate laces – sourced from the best providers in France and Italy. Driven by an informed and sharp aesthetic, founder Tara Marino has selected the undisputed leading fabrics for her collection, and created garments that resonate with each moment, and aspect the woman chooses to embody.

For the Indie, Tara Marino chose the lushness of cashmere knit and easy-going shapes that bring a sense of cocooned well-being. For the Frenchie, silks and lace add a layer of playful sensuality to an everyday necessity, allowing the woman to savor the pleasure of dressing, starting with her lingerie. For the New Yorker, power pieces invoke confidence and prosperity for contemporary living, for the woman who embraces her desire to “have it all”, free of outside pressure.

Tara Paris is driven by Tara Marino's desire to awaken each woman’s sensuality and sense of full engagement in her own life. This short line encapsulates taste as its driving force, symbolized by the black diamond design that signs each piece. “Like this rare gem, women are complex beings of inner strength and peerless beauty” explained Marino. Understated, each piece is designed to fit seamlessly into active and multi-faceted lives, by design and in maintenance. Created as versatile shapes, Tara Paris pieces help women move through the moments of their lives by offering designs focused on adaptability, sensuality and certainty. Packaged individually or as curated sets, the Tara Paris garments are encased in luxurious Bijou hat boxes, a subtle nod to her entrepreneurial lineage and her late grandfather, George White Marston, founder of Marston, a landmark department store in San Diego. The Bijou discreetly inserts itself into the reality of every woman and becomes the prism through which luxurious lifestyle and profound being enmesh.