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Beauty &soul as a Way of Life

Life is about moments…

Creating a beautiful life starts with honoring and choosing each beautiful moment.

Slowing down to taste, touch, feel and love the things that matter.


Our high quality clothing and accessories are an essential for every woman who values style, ease and presence in her life.

As you move more and more into quality verse quantity in your life, you desire for everything to reflect that, including your wardrobe.

At TARA Paris we create lifestyle items that represent quality and versatility. Each piece enhances every outfit and allows you to honor every moment throughout your busy day.

Our intention is to embrace the moments that matter and assist the modern woman in looking chic, feeling comfortable and walking through her life with confidence knowing she’s really living.

C’est Qui?

Who is the TARA Paris woman?

She is often on the go and looking for simple and versatile pieces that are easy to travel with and yet allow her to show up in any environment looking and feeling beautiful.

For a TARA Paris woman, the world is about more than fashion and looking good. Oui oui she loves to look good, but beyond that she feels a deep connection with her soul and longs for her outer world to match her inner world.


A TARA Paris woman is committed to living her life fully, to honoring her deepest dreams and to having a positive impact and influence on the world around her.


At the tender age of 25, Tara lost her first-born son to pneumonia. It was through this experience that she recognized the value of life and vowed to go for every one of her dreams sooner rather than waiting for "someday". She learned that every moment is precious and in order to live a full life one must “make the most of every moment”.

With a diverse background and multiple degrees in international business, French and a Masters in spiritual psychology Tara began her journey of impact. Her first business, Elegant Femme, focuses on the internal growth of a woman. Assisting the modern woman to live and enjoy her full potential through her signature online program “Live You Fully”…

TARA Paris was constructed on those same values and focuses on the external aspects of a woman. This lifestyle brand is based on quality and bringing forward beauty through enjoying precious moments.

Every TARA Paris item has been created with intention and consciousness. As a young girl, Tara hated waste and still stands behind this principle today. For her, there is nothing more painful than waste, whether it be clothes or one's own full potential. Tara believes everything has a purpose and meaning…

Her Story...

Tara, founder of TARA Paris, grew up in a rural town of Julian, California. At a young age, she dreamed of fashion, beauty and traveling the world. This American-raised entrepreneur was a full-fledged Francophile and adored the simple yet potent influences of European design and taste.

Her affinity for timeless, elegant looks and living a lifestyle of meaning and quality led her to Paris. It was here she launched her first collection "I am Beauty",dedicated to showing women everywhere that beauty is ageless, timeless and above, all a necessity. According to Tara, “Beauty can heal the world.”

The intention behind TARA Paris is to gift every woman the opportunity to experience the beauty of life, not as a luxury, but as a necessity.


Bienvenue à TARA Paris…we are honored to have you here.