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  • The Luxe Diamond T
  • A reliable staple that defines Elegance, Ease, and Simplicity.
  • The TARA Paris Diamond T goes beyond comfort and style and honors a deep level of consciousness.  At TARA Paris we have chosen the diamond as our signature logo. The diamond is a profound symbol of power and status that most of society is familiar with; however, it’s properties reach far beyond a social status symbol.  The diamond represents faithfulness, love, purity, innocence and relationships filled with love.

    When you wear the Diamond T you are making a statement to yourself, a statement of authenticity and a promise to yourself that you will honor your deepest truth.  It is also said that a properly placed diamond can remove certain negative energies in the aura. From a metaphysical perspective, it will enable positive things to start happening in your life.  When you choose to wear the Diamond T you are choosing to represent your highest self, you are honoring the courage to be uniquely you and accepting that you are powerful, loving, beautiful and strong.

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Layer 14

Comfort and Elegance

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Chic & easy

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Layer 15

beautiful and simple

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